Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Points Pie (Jell-O and Fruit)

No Points Pie (Jell-O and Fruit)

This is completely simple and completely amazing. I noticed that there were a number of problems when I was looking up the recipe (Malware sites, etc.) so I thought I would get this down. This is known commonly as the Weight Watchers "No Points" Pie. Simply put, you can eat this until your head explodes. It is really great and everyone at home loves it. A great dessert or snack is easy and you can eat a ton of it!

Ingredients (can be doubled without problem):
2 Cups water
1 Package cook & serve sugar-free vanilla pudding (we use Jell-O also) - do NOT use instant pudding
1 Package sugar-free gelatin in fruit flavor (we use Jell-O Raspberry)
6oz Raspberries
6oz Blueberries
NOTE: The fruit here is what we use - but you can put in anything that you like. The amounts here work well.

1. Put water in a sauce pan and turn on high heat.
2. Immediately, add the pudding and whisk until well blended. This can get clumpy so you want to make sure that it is smooth.
3. Once it is smooth, add the gelatin package and continue whisking until it comes to a boil.
4. When it boils, remove from heat. Add to container and then carefully add the fruit (so it does not splash).
5. Place in refrigerator and let it solidify. It should be ready in around 2-3 hours for a single batch. Double batches add one hour.


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